English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Divide" in Example Sentences
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2450001	Divide this among yourselves.	sharptoothed	1
17628	Divide the cake among you three.	Swift	1
62653	Divide the cake between you two.	CK	1
48645	We divided the money between us.	CK	1
680727	Tom divided the bread into two pieces.	Source_VOA	1
2682705	He divided the apples among the five of us.	CK	1
59617	Let's divide this money between you and me.	CK	1
1026220	Tom divided the pie into three equal parts.	CK	1
73464	We divided ten dollars among the five of us.	CK	1
1656212	Divide and conquer.	charlotte13
2265759	Divide this in half.	_undertoad
273166	A river divides the town.	CM
896141	Divide the pizza in three.	pauldhunt
2550034	Divide the money among you.	sharptoothed
806959	The opposition was divided.	Source_VOA
713155	Six divided by two is three.	Guybrush88
2673825	Divide the candles among you.	marcelostockle
43762	The issue divided the senators.	CM
1092483	Tom wanted to unite not divide.	CK
1304582	Twelve divided by three is four.	candistyx
49984	Divide the pizza among you three.	CK
57721	Opinion is divided on this point.	CM
337183	United we stand, divided we fall.	qsanta
680725	Let's divide the check between us.	Source_VOA
39922	A screen divided the room into two.	Swift
47306	The exam was divided into two parts.	CK
62630	She divided the cake between the two.	CK
311097	She divided the cake into six pieces.	CK
807306	The revolution divided many families.	Source_VOA
56951	This book is divided into four parts.	CK
55045	Divide these apples between you three.	sysko
310784	She divided the cake into five pieces.	CK
48642	The money was divided among the three.	CM
875643	This analysis is divided in two parts.	alexmarcelo
50534	The class was divided into four groups.	CK
272805	The teachers were divided on the issue.	CM
305551	They divided the money among themselves.	CK
2820843	We can divide the work into three parts.	sharptoothed
58099	Divide this line into twenty equal parts.	CM
320640	Mother divided the cake into three parts.	CM
1548133	Please divide the pizza into three parts.	CM
43454	Take the apple and divide it into halves.	CM
1112788	The team was divided into smaller groups.	Nero
2270063	We'll divide the profits among all of us.	_undertoad
320638	Mother divided the cake into eight pieces.	CM
280780	A house divided against itself can't stand.	CM
23664	Opinions are divided on the issue of taxes.	NekoKanjya
1040736	A house divided against itself cannot stand.	CK
34577	Bill and Joan divided the candy between them.	CK
1397705	My mother divided the cake into eight pieces.	CK