English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Dive" in Example Sentences
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475953	I dove into the river.	minshirui	1
680724	Tom dove into the pool.	Source_VOA	1
1025892	Tom dove into the water.	CK	1
35129	A dove is a symbol of peace.	CK	1
1514867	Tom fell off the diving board.	CK	1
1272502	The divers didn't make it back.	CK	1
52292	Have you ever tried scuba diving?	CK	1
680722	Tom learned to dive when he was five.	Source_VOA	1
1028166	Tom pushed Mary off the diving board.	CK	1
1094178	Tom enjoys skydiving and scuba diving.	CK	1
1094760	Tom didn't have the courage to try sky diving.	CK	1
1889703	Tom had the only pool in town with a diving board.	CK	1
2494717	Tom yelled something in French just before he dove into the water.	CK	1
291581	He is good at diving.	CK
1751590	He knows how to dive.	Amastan
3332929	I dove into the water.	_undertoad
1521752	A white dove is on the roof.	steve
726334	I want to dive off the cliff.	Guybrush88
726329	I want to dive into the river.	Guybrush88
35131	The dove is a symbol of peace.	CK
2542250	Tom dove off the diving board.	CK
2541226	Tom jumped off the diving board.	CK
312089	She dived into the swimming pool.	CK
1499943	There's a white dove on the roof.	RoyTek
2549966	They dove in one after the other.	sharptoothed
282570	There is a white dove on the roof.	adjusting
2824149	The divers were trapped in the cave.	catcher
2539351	Tom shoved Mary off the diving board.	CK
2539330	Tom watched Mary dive into the water.	CK
2549932	I'd like to visit some waterfront dives.	sharptoothed
680723	It's dangerous to dive in shallow water.	Source_VOA
2780001	The submarine can dive up to 300 meters.	Hybrid
35142	Pat stripped off his clothes and dived in.	Zifre
269502	As we dive deeper, the water becomes colder.	CM
1474155	How many times a year do you go scuba diving?	CK
58105	This diver's watch is a little too expensive.	Dejo
2549880	They're having a diving contest this afternoon.	sharptoothed
52294	There is nothing more exciting than scuba diving.	Swift
789554	Bill dove into the river to save the drowning child.	Swift
32542	The sperm whale can dive to a depth of 1,000 meters.	CK
742231	It's not exactly a hot spot, it's more of a dive bar.	CM
2956684	Tom dove into the water and swam as fast as he could.	CK
2549852	The pilot lost control and the plane went into a dive.	sharptoothed