English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Distract" in Example Sentences
Page 1

2247477	I was distracted.	CK	1
2123508	Tom's distracted.	CK	1
2250240	Don't distract me.	Guybrush88	1
2236657	Tom is distracted.	CK	1
265657	It's a distraction.	CK	1
2254993	You got distracted.	CK	1
2255192	You seem distracted.	CK	1
2237693	Tom seems distracted.	CK	1
2958073	Tom seemed distracted.	CK	1
3313098	We all got distracted.	CK	1
2007532	Let's not get distracted.	CK	1
2012420	I don't want distractions.	CK	1
2544822	I'll try to distract them.	CK	1
2275256	Don't let Tom distract you.	CK	1
2013891	I don't want any distractions.	CK	1
2013896	I don't want to be distracted.	CK	1
2359028	I've been a little distracted.	CK	1
2288938	Don't let anything else distract us.	CK	1
1152284	He is distracted.	belgavox
2945561	I need a distraction.	Guybrush88
2011558	I want a distraction.	CK
2267873	That noise distracts me.	_undertoad
2774778	It's kind of distracting.	Hybrid
1220463	You are easily distracted.	PeterR
1339899	You seem distracted today.	darinmex
1517276	I was trying to distract her.	alexmarcelo
2643221	Tom looked pretty distracted.	CK
2713124	You seem a little distracted.	CK
1517275	Are you trying to distract me?	alexmarcelo
3121705	Tom looks a little distracted.	CK
2642871	Tom seems slightly distracted.	CK
2267811	That child's easily distracted.	_undertoad
3121676	Tom looked a little distracted.	CK
320391	Don't distract me from studying.	CK
320429	Don't distract me while I am studying.	CK
245355	Please don't distract me from my work.	CK
300909	The noise distracted him from studying.	CK
2179393	He was distracted by the beautiful girl.	Hybrid
2662910	Your problem is you're easily distracted.	CK
2366931	I got distracted and I lost track of time.	marcelostockle
1260350	Nothing can distract her from her research.	dominiko
2369049	I got distracted and lost all sense of time.	Espi
2712555	Tom noticed that Mary seemed a little distracted.	CK
1522570	The girl got distracted and lost sight of her parents.	erikspen
2639599	Tom tried to distract the guards so Mary would have a chance to escape.	CK
1391764	Oliver crashed his parents' car into a tree because he was distracted by his friends.	Spamster
1391766	Oliver crashed Tom and Mary's car into a tree because he was distracted by his friends.	Spamster