English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Disk" in Example Sentences
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2648539	Give Tom the disk.	CK	1
2647509	Tom inserted a disk.	CK	1
2325180	I erased my hard disk by accident.	CK	1
953175	Did you give a copy of the disk to anyone?	CK	1
1923701	Tom asked Mary to help him reformat the hard disk.	CK	1
1096042	Tom accidentally deleted all the files on one of his external hard disks.	CK	1
1095217	Tom copied all the files on his internal hard disk to an external hard disk.	CK	1
710903	I have many discs.	Guybrush88
3004703	Tom is a disc jockey.	Hybrid
278286	I have a slipped disc.	CM
69757	Do you sell mini disks?	CK
1138353	Put the disk in the computer.	alexmarcelo
308314	She gave me this compact disc.	CK
1829594	It fits on a single floppy disk.	Spamster
1544211	Tom is using an external hard disk.	Spamster
2941435	The hard disk was completely destroyed.	alexmarcelo
35610	It looks like your hard disk is fragmented.	spockofvulcan
920507	There is always the risk of losing all the data on your hard disk.	CK
63736	Cassette tapes seem to have given way to compact disks in popularity.	CM
736975	Don't you want to put in another disc? We've been listening to this one for two hours.	qdii
954672	Why don't we just reformat the hard disk? You've been having a lot of trouble with it.	CK