English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Discover" in Example Sentences
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2241654	We've been discovered.	CK	1
276275	Who discovered radium?	CK	1
690254	I discovered the truth.	Eldad	1
1026228	Tom discovered the truth.	CK	1
2644692	What have you discovered?	CK	1
54862	Columbus discovered America in 1492.	eddiegab	1
950615	I discovered a very nice place today.	alexmarcelo	1
3164493	I've discovered Tom's secret formula.	CK	1
2359439	I've discovered something interesting.	CK	1
1282866	Tom was the one who discovered the body.	CK	1
20801	Cancer can be cured if discovered in time.	CK	1
1552526	Tom and Mary discovered something amazing.	Spamster	1
1029230	Tom discovered just how gullible Mary was.	CK	1
1026230	Tom discovered that he had made a mistake.	CK	1
1963110	Tom discovered a flaw in the ship's design.	CK	1
1026229	Tom discovered that he had run out of money.	CK	1
1094580	Tom discovered two dead bodies in his basement.	CK	1
273128	The other day I discovered a book written by my father.	CK	1
1094581	Tom discovered that Mary was in trouble and went to help her.	CK	1
1199679	Tom went outside to discover what all the commotion was about.	CK	1
1834127	How did you discover that Tom was the one who had embezzled the money?	CK	1
1386933	Tom was sad when he discovered that Mary was a gold digger and Mary was sad when she discovered that Tom was poor.	Spamster	1
276103	Who discovered America?	CK
299910	He discovered a new star.	CK
806915	Gold was discovered there.	Source_VOA
1042623	Who discovered the island?	GPHemsley
40443	I wonder who discovered it.	CK
54861	Columbus discovered America.	CK
717625	He had discovered a new star.	papabear
276495	Who was radium discovered by?	CK
680707	There's a lot more to discover.	Source_VOA
302440	He discovered how to open the box.	CK
51202	That's how he discovered the comet.	CM
2269062	We discovered that it was all a lie.	_undertoad
434478	Did you discover something new today?	lukaszpp
62999	Captain Cook discovered those islands.	CK
807354	Gold had been discovered in California.	Source_VOA
1343640	Have you discovered anything new today?	mlillie87
1557606	Christopher Columbus discovered America.	CM
294956	He discovered that he had made a mistake.	CK
29800	It was Marie Curie who discovered radium.	CK
377437	They weren't able to discover any secrets.	CK
67551	America was discovered by Columbus in 1492.	CK
907454	It takes a wise man to discover a wise man.	Scott
321261	Oil has been discovered under the North Sea.	CM
20425	On arriving home, I discovered the burglary.	NekoKanjya
1573755	Our secret was discovered by the government.	trieuho
312723	She discovered that she had run out of salt.	CK
50280	The diamond was discovered by a boy in 1873.	CK
28092	Doctors have discovered some startling facts.	SPENSER