English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Disco" in Example Sentences
Page 1

255051	I like disco music.	CK	1
2050656	Our band has never played disco music.	CK	1
2008176	The disco is empty.	AlanF_US
248198	We danced to the disco music.	CK
501897	We had trouble getting into the disco.	darinmex
266423	How about going to a disco this weekend?	CK
311617	She kept dancing at the disco all night.	CM
321374	We found it difficult to enter the disco.	CK
310955	She likes dancing in a disco better than skiing.	FeuDRenais
423912	When it comes to disco dancing, I'm no match for Susan.	CM
411894	When she was a student, she went to the disco only once.	Dorenda
1057672	They kicked him out of the disco without any explanation.	cris
411892	When she was a student, she used to go to the disco often.	Dorenda
310058	She was allowed to go to the disco on condition that she was back by ten.	CK