English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Disaster" in Example Sentences
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2254526	What a disaster!	CK	1
2548655	It'd be a disaster.	CK	1
277221	Earthquakes and floods are natural disasters.	CK	1
2047765	There were three hundred cardboard boxes filled with old clothes ready to be sent to the disaster area.	CK	1
2549036	It was a disaster.	CK
2199188	This is a disaster.	Hybrid
2207464	It was a total disaster.	Hybrid
705382	We're heading for disaster.	Zifre
1731525	It's an ecological disaster.	Spamster
1650234	This is a recipe for disaster.	Spamster
289589	He narrowly escaped the disaster.	CK
802407	They knew this would mean disaster.	Source_VOA
2045686	Natural disasters can be devastating.	Chrikaru
1541855	Recently we have had several disasters.	JimBreen
680703	The earthquake in Haiti was a disaster.	Source_VOA
244189	A string of disasters struck the region.	CK
305852	They believed the jewel would bring disaster.	CK
18856	Slight inattention can cause a great disaster.	CK
680704	The flood caused a disaster in their community.	Source_VOA
42619	It sounds as if he were to blame for the disaster.	CM
29128	The slightest mistake may lead to a fatal disaster.	CM
21075	If the hay caught fire, it would be a real disaster.	Swift
47985	The flood was the greatest disaster they had ever had.	CM
680705	If there are houses nearby, a volcano can create a disaster.	Source_VOA
265759	Young people know the disasters of war only in the abstract.	CM
305632	They are apprehensive that some further disaster might occur.	CK
47815	After the disaster, there was scarcely any water left on the island.	CK
1698659	The further we are from one disaster, the closer we are to the next.	charlotte13
30692	If he had stayed at home that day, he would not have met with disaster.	CM
267465	The general took the bull by the horns and saved his army from disaster.	CM
1506381	If that accident had happened in a city, it would have caused a disaster.	CK
327758	The government asked the SDF for a disaster relief deployment to Okinawa.	CM
277216	The earthquake was the greatest disaster the country had ever experienced.	Snout
1340534	The government asked the army to send a disaster relief mission to Okinawa.	Eldad
47701	The fire, which caused the disaster, broke out on the second floor of the hospital.	Nero
2846015	Optimists see opportunities in disasters while pessimists find disasters in every opportunity.	englishchinese