English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Disappear" in Example Sentences
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1442219	She disappeared.	CK	1
1094582	Tom disappeared.	CK	1
2111374	They disappeared.	CK	1
2248755	It just disappeared.	CK	1
1418969	Tom has disappeared.	Spamster	1
2249403	Just don't disappear.	CK	1
1868121	Tom just disappeared.	CK	1
1415017	The money disappeared.	Spamster	1
2011817	Tom wants to disappear.	CK	1
272602	The snow has disappeared.	CK	1
2948333	Tom suddenly disappeared.	Hybrid	1
1849389	Don't disappear on me again.	CK	1
2358820	I have a son who disappeared.	CK	1
272595	The snow will soon disappear.	CK	1
2734346	Tom disappeared in the crowd.	CK	1
1868368	Tom disappeared into his room.	CK	1
2096	He disappeared without a trace.	CK	1
326146	The train disappeared from view.	CK	1
1026233	Tom disappeared without a trace.	CK	1
1026232	Tom disappeared without leaving a trace.	CK	1
1601324	Do you have any idea why Tom disappeared?	Spamster	1
73421	The fog began to disappear around ten o'clock.	CK	1
2229586	Tom walked away and soon disappeared into the fog.	CK	1
2456548	When Tom woke up, he found that Mary had disappeared.	CK	1
1892641	Tom and Mary were here earlier, but now they've disappeared.	CK	1
1928820	He disappeared.	Eldad
2342587	I just want to disappear.	Hybrid
42479	That will never disappear.	CM
2742876	Tom disappeared from view.	CM
2644000	Tom disappeared last month.	CK
300135	He disappeared in the crowd.	Zifre
312496	She disappeared in the dark.	CK
2742889	Tom disappeared into the fog.	CK
295658	He disappeared into the crowd.	sacredceltic
313932	She disappeared into thin air.	CM
2742888	Tom disappeared into the mist.	CM
2713080	Tom seems to have disappeared.	CK
2742878	Tom disappeared into the night.	CM
2742882	Tom disappeared into the trees.	CM
2742884	Tom disappeared into his office.	CM
2742892	Tom disappeared into the forest.	CK
2742883	Tom disappeared into the tunnel.	CM
757377	He's disappeared without a trace.	sctld
2742875	Tom disappeared behind the house.	CM
2742881	Tom disappeared into the shadows.	CM
2742893	Tom disappeared three months ago.	CK
275051	The sun disappeared behind a cloud.	CK
1201571	His son disappeared seven years ago.	Shishir
54050	Many forms of life are disappearing.	CK
2742886	Tom disappeared into the restaurant.	CM