English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Dirty" in Example Sentences
Page 1

2248452	Is it dirty?	CK	1
2239772	Tom was dirty.	CK	1
2243373	They were dirty.	CK	1
2218370	You're so dirty.	CK	1
2549237	Tom looked dirty.	CK	1
2730922	The plate is dirty.	Hybrid	1
2516418	This fork is dirty.	CK	1
2548525	Tom's car is dirty.	CK	1
2516414	This glass is dirty.	CK	1
3094221	Tom's face is dirty.	CK	1
2548043	Tom's room is dirty.	CK	1
274464	Your feet are dirty.	CK	1
2732687	The plates are dirty.	CK	1
273375	The towels are dirty.	CK	1
2585127	These pants are dirty.	CK	1
3094220	Tom's hands are dirty.	CK	1
3094219	Tom's shoes are dirty.	CK	1
2546307	Tom's hands were dirty.	CK	1
264749	I don't want to get my hands dirty.	CK	1
1488759	Tom didn't want to do their dirty work.	Spamster	1
2400153	Tom doesn't like to get his hands dirty.	CK	1
1025921	Tom doesn't want to get his hands dirty.	CK	1
2425983	The kitchen sink was full of dirty dishes.	CK	1
1093179	Tom often leaves dirty dishes in the sink.	CK	1
52369	The suitcase contained nothing but dirty clothes.	CK	1
63081	Bring me a clean plate and take the dirty one away.	CM	1
1092177	Tom wrote his name on every dirty car windshield in the parking lot.	CK	1
1092592	Tom usually lets dirty dishes pile up for a week, then he washes them.	CK	1
2425984	Tom hadn't washed dishes in a week, so the sink was full of dirty dishes.	CK	1
1094822	Tom didn't do a very good job cleaning the kitchen floor. It's still dirty.	CK	1
1040549	Tom stripped off his dirty clothes and threw them into the washing machine.	CK	1
2425985	Tom hadn't washed clothes in a long time, so he searched through his dirty clothes to see if there was something clean enough to wear.	CK	1
1640965	It's dirty work.	Spamster
2079048	He's dirty minded.	alexmarcelo
2632518	My house is dirty.	learnaspossible
2730924	The fork is dirty.	Hybrid
1665082	I hate dirty jokes.	Amastan
68340	The child is dirty.	CK
2490794	The floor is dirty.	Hybrid
2730896	The glass is dirty.	Hybrid
2002540	The glass is dirty.	bichodebola
2730923	The knife is dirty.	Hybrid
1126046	The ocean is dirty.	alexmarcelo
2730948	The spoon is dirty.	Hybrid
1635335	Your face is dirty.	Amastan
1869830	Your room is dirty.	Spamster
303821	He plays dirty pool.	CM
2123446	My hair is so dirty!	etala
1506780	The roads are dirty.	marco87
456687	She has a dirty face.	lukaszpp