English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Directly" in Example Sentences
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1860443	Don't look directly at Tom.	CK	1
1095671	Tom can be contacted directly.	CK	1
2541618	Why don't you ask Tom directly?	CK	1
1951428	You can't contact Tom directly.	CK	1
2291198	I didn't speak with Tom directly.	CK	1
288745	He will be contacting you directly.	CK	1
2210792	Why don't you just speak directly to Tom?	CK	1
1028282	Tom needs to hear the bad news directly from Mary.	CK	1
68177	He is directly above me.	CM
32388	Mayuko came directly home.	CM
3181563	Can we talk to Tom directly?	CK
246947	She will report directly to me.	CK
2510807	Why don't you ask him directly?	Hybrid
308918	Why don't you tell her directly?	CM
3181801	You should talk directly to Tom.	CK
803185	He usually was not involved directly.	Source_VOA
2958220	Tom stared directly into Mary's eyes.	CK
3181947	We should be talking directly to Tom.	CK
914107	I will speak to her about it directly.	Jane_Austen
36492	Why not talk to her about it directly?	CK
3181964	You should be talking directly to Tom.	CK
260004	I got the information from him directly.	CK
3182035	I think you should talk directly to Tom.	CK
2956685	Tom drank directly from the wine bottle.	CK
2820813	We were directly in the path of the storm.	sharptoothed
1633620	You can go there directly by bus or by train.	Amastan
321541	The afternoon sun comes directly into my room.	CM
804152	Pershing's forces were not sent directly into battle.	Source_VOA
1504828	Communicating more to the point and directly would help everyone.	nonong
64275	You wouldn't be so casual about it if you were directly involved.	CM
281925	Mail your application for admission directly to the school office.	CM
2673518	It's best to discuss relationship issues directly with your partner.	WestofEden
954243	Please put the potato chips in the bowl. Don't eat them directly from the bag.	CK
2958340	Tom took off his dirty clothes and put them directly into the washing machine.	CK
328570	You're not going to get electrocuted just by directly touching a 1.5V battery.	fcbond
277154	It is said that global warming is directly related to carbon dioxide emissions.	CK
255668	Instead of coming directly home, I took the long way and stopped by the post office.	CK
271347	The Narita Express will take you directly to Tokyo Station in approximately 90 minutes.	CK
21811	As a rule, I prefer people who deal with matters of this kind directly with those involved.	blay_paul