English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Difficulty" in Example Sentences
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268650	I have difficulty chewing.	CK	1
2451560	I have difficulty in French.	CK	1
296657	He got over his difficulties.	CK	1
2542472	I'm aware of the difficulties.	CK	1
772808	I have difficulty paying my rent.	marloncori	1
1023999	Tom was aware of the difficulties.	CK	1
1025591	Tom had difficulty learning French.	CK	1
1093673	Tom has difficulty making decisions.	CK	1
2953911	We're having difficulty finding Tom.	CK	1
3024153	I've been having difficulty sleeping.	CK	1
2953912	We're having difficulty locating Tom.	CK	1
2550143	We have to overcome many difficulties.	CK	1
290516	He had no difficulty explaining the mystery.	CK	1
43328	The old lady climbed the stairs with difficulty.	CK	1
1392881	The old woman climbed the stairs with difficulty.	CK	1
313340	She had no difficulty in learning the poem by heart.	CK	1
275867	The President is capable of handling the difficulties.	CM	1
2451084	I still have difficulty in making myself understood in French.	CK	1
1029965	Tom and Mary accomplished their mission without any difficulty.	CK	1
321627	I am often in difficulties.	CM
2892137	There will be difficulties.	CK
306580	They got into difficulties.	CM
269150	A new difficulty has arisen.	CM
239891	I have difficulty breathing.	CK
311223	She overcame the difficulty.	CM
2643607	Tom has difficulty speaking.	CK
290800	He got over the difficulties.	CM
301101	He overcame many difficulties.	Zifre
259824	I have difficulty in Japanese.	CM
290799	Is he aware of the difficulty?	CK
1152243	He is facing many difficulties.	belgavox
257159	I am in financial difficulties.	CK
2082688	These are serious difficulties.	halfb1t
317709	They endured many difficulties.	Dejo
266457	I have difficulty concentrating.	CK
1871920	The dog breathed with difficulty.	AsliAbbasi
249023	We encountered many difficulties.	CM
67426	A new difficulty presented itself.	CM
1080800	He is having difficulty breathing.	keira_n
264158	One difficulty after another arose.	CM
306577	They are aware of the difficulties.	CK
47824	You must overcome the difficulties.	Trank
2254287	How did you get over the difficulty?	_undertoad
3075108	Tom had difficulty paying attention.	CK
28775	We are faced with many difficulties.	CK
2600067	We may experience some difficulties.	sharptoothed
2669318	Do you have difficulty losing weight?	merlin
296660	He made his way through difficulties.	CK
254353	I managed to overcome the difficulty.	royhuggins
2512882	We had difficulty finding your hotel.	sharptoothed