English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Dictate" in Example Sentences
Page 1

2512866	Tom dictated a letter to his secretary.	sharptoothed	1
1497185	Do as your heart dictates.	CM
280574	The dictator oppressed the people.	CM
2266183	He did what his conscience dictated.	_undertoad
305380	They struggled against the dictator.	CK
327580	We have a kanji dictation test today.	CM
1628200	Spain was ruled by a dictator until 1975.	Spamster
317848	The secretary took dictation from her boss.	CM
551384	Myanmar is ruled by a military dictatorship.	darinmex
294359	He dictated several letters to his secretary.	CK
1490541	The dictator came to power fifteen years ago.	arnxy20
443628	Democracy is the dictatorship of the majority.	jerom
44659	The dictator had the absolute loyalty of all his aides.	CK
1952015	You can't just walk in here and start dictating policy.	CK
50558	The poor people were at the mercy of the cruel dictator.	CK
930036	The schedule dictates that this work be done by the weekend.	FeuDRenais
280575	The dictatorship came under fire for its human rights record.	CM