English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Destroy" in Example Sentences
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2549533	I'll destroy it.	CK	1
2248817	It was destroyed.	CK	1
2953698	We must destroy it.	CK	1
2241537	We'll be destroyed.	CK	1
3178617	It must be destroyed.	CK	1
2245679	I destroyed everything.	CK	1
3178619	It has to be destroyed.	CK	1
2953678	We intend to destroy it.	CK	1
3310811	We're going to destroy it.	CK	1
274924	Many cities were destroyed by bombs.	CK	1
2892387	Tom's house was completely destroyed.	CK	1
1414989	Tom's house was destroyed by a tornado.	Spamster	1
325504	The tornado destroyed the whole village.	CK	1
1414988	Tom's house was destroyed by a hurricane.	Spamster	1
1120832	I must destroy you.	cntrational
58333	Destroy this temple.	Eldad
1911958	Atlantis was destroyed.	Spamster
802927	He wanted to destroy it.	Source_VOA
3178618	It needs to be destroyed.	CK
278513	Who destroyed the garden?	CK
320029	Culture destroys language.	CM
460082	Culture destroys languages.	saasmath
2931909	I destroyed all the evidence.	CK
1115018	We must destroy the evidence.	Guybrush88
2670850	We need to destroy this tape.	meerkat
680774	Earthquakes destroy buildings.	Source_VOA
620102	You always destroy everything.	ulyssemc1
2952297	I intend to destroy everything.	CK
2014324	I want you to destroy all this.	CK
805369	Santa Ana's army was destroyed.	Source_VOA
45050	The city was destroyed by fire.	CK
2259271	The bomb destroyed three houses.	_undertoad
2268124	The fire destroyed three houses.	_undertoad
49355	The house was destroyed by fire.	CK
45522	The typhoon destroyed many houses.	CK
1585394	Termites are destroying the houses.	Espi
43498	The storm destroyed the whole town.	mamat
807249	Almost all of Atlanta was destroyed.	Source_VOA
802368	He believed they were destroying it.	Source_VOA
804249	The Japanese destroyed Pearl Harbor.	Source_VOA
802371	They destroyed stores and factories.	Source_VOA
680680	An earthquake destroyed the building.	Source_VOA
49232	The fire destroyed the tall building.	CK
49973	The building was completely destroyed.	CK
680679	The car was destroyed in the accident.	Source_VOA
1963061	The enemy destroyed many of our ships.	CK
45041	The town was destroyed during the war.	CM
2941435	The hard disk was completely destroyed.	alexmarcelo
277877	All of the town was destroyed by a fire.	jakov
304998	I watched them destroy the old building.	CK