English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Dessert" in Example Sentences
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1875812	I love dessert.	Spamster	1
2011381	Tom wants dessert.	CK	1
2241472	We wanted dessert.	CK	1
3309755	Let's skip dessert.	CK	1
2713712	What's for dessert?	CK	1
3241653	Save room for dessert.	CK	1
2299542	I brought some dessert.	CK	1
255072	I gave up eating dessert.	CK	1
2545406	I'm going to get dessert.	CK	1
2092549	Is anybody ready for dessert?	CK	1
906742	What's your favorite dessert?	CK	1
2703258	I don't have room for dessert.	CK	1
2318642	I always have room for dessert.	CK	1
2380401	I made an apple pie for dessert.	CK	1
1025931	Tom doesn't usually eat dessert.	CK	1
39470	What would you like for dessert?	CK	1
680104	I usually have dessert after dinner.	Source_VOA	1
1830394	Tom ate dinner, but he didn't eat any dessert.	CK	1
1830459	Tom was eating his dessert when the phone rang.	CK	1
1830456	Tom wanted to eat cake and ice cream for dessert.	CK	1
1430144	For dessert, Tom ordered chocolate parfait with vanilla ice cream.	CK	1
1747539	What is for dessert?	belgavox
897407	Father doesn't eat dessert.	alexmarcelo
680221	Would you like any dessert?	Source_VOA
682421	Which dessert should he eat?	Source_VOA
39477	I want ice cream for dessert.	CK
70880	I've ordered you some dessert.	CK
2642971	Tom and Mary shared a dessert.	CK
3154878	Do I get to eat my dessert now?	CK
3150862	At least let me buy you dessert.	CK
2266033	He always ate fruit for dessert.	_undertoad
2642069	Tom shared his dessert with Mary.	CK
39479	Apples were served as the dessert.	CK
39476	I'd like to have cake for dessert.	CK
39471	I'm trying to save room for dessert.	CK
54452	Please help yourself to the desserts.	CK
906925	What's your favorite type of dessert?	CK
39475	I'd like to have cheesecake for dessert.	CK
3154813	If I eat any more, I won't want dessert.	CK
39468	The dessert was made with whipped cream.	Swift
906740	What's your favorite dessert with bananas?	CK
682010	Would you like to share my dessert with me?	Source_VOA
1137391	Marriage is a dinner that begins with dessert.	nadsat
46141	The meal includes dessert as well as beverage.	CM
39478	What fruit would you like to have for dessert?	CK
2744633	The children ate chocolate pudding for dessert.	CK
906741	What's your favorite dessert with strawberries?	CK
2537641	I thought we were going to have cake for dessert.	CK
273827	You can't have dessert until you finish your meal.	CK
954355	The one and only dessert my son eats is chocolate cake.	CK