English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Despite" in Example Sentences
Page 1

238511	I love him despite his faults.	CK
318751	Despite all his wealth, he is stingy.	Scott
248891	We pushed ahead despite the obstacles.	CK
318750	Despite his riches, he's not contented.	CK
3024464	Despite everything, Tom started to relax.	CK
249102	Despite our efforts, we failed after all.	CK
3131792	Despite what's happened, I still like Tom.	CK
274875	He refused to quit despite many obstacles.	CK
238512	Despite all his faults, everybody likes him.	CK
284780	He had faults, but despite that I loved him.	Nero
27565	He remained poor despite being a hard worker.	CK
418855	Despite his young age, he did a very good job.	FeuDRenais
1528896	I never wrote to her, despite the urge to do so.	erikspen
676320	Despite all his setbacks, he remains an optimist.	darinmex
2941104	Despite everything, the world is still beautiful.	patgfisher
1532555	She visited the school, despite a pain in her right arm.	LittleBoy
19889	Despite adversity, the architect achieved worldwide fame.	NekoKanjya
3012447	Despite searching high and low, Tom couldn't find his wallet.	patgfisher
36706	Despite all my efforts, I will not have the report ready by Friday.	CM
1391695	Despite everything she said to me, I can't stop thinking about her.	CM
322621	The young men said that they would do it despite all of the difficulties.	CM
241191	Despite a shortage of steel, industrial output has increased by five percent.	CK
868777	Despite the government's protection, he was the victim of an assassination attempt which killed him.	alexmarcelo