English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Design" in Example Sentences
Page 1

2245677	I designed it.	CK	1
2254712	Who designed it?	CK	1
283115	He designed the car.	CK	1
2995281	I designed it myself.	CK	1
1094401	Tom doesn't like this design.	CK	1
961598	I'm studying French and web design.	CK	1
961600	He's studying French and web design.	CK	1
2314856	I did the web design for Tom's blog.	CK	1
680674	Tom is designing his first building.	Source_VOA	1
961599	We're studying French and web design.	CK	1
961602	They're studying French and web design.	CK	1
1963110	Tom discovered a flaw in the ship's design.	CK	1
46131	The new designs are much better than the old ones.	CK	1
3241705	Tom's design saved the company millions of dollars.	CK	1
1987531	Tom spent all day designing a website for a new client.	CK	1
55378	This is the house which was designed by a famous architect.	CM	1
1987521	Tom has been working for the same website design company for years.	CK	1
680673	Mary designs dresses.	Source_VOA
2645205	What a beautiful design!	CK
680672	Who designed that museum?	Source_VOA
299661	He carved designs in ivory.	CK
283117	He designed the new building.	CK
33104	Who designed the White House?	CK
1517910	This product is well-designed.	Spamster
292511	He has designs on your property.	CM
285381	His designs are highly original.	CK
539741	Mayuko designed her own clothes.	CK
311226	She likes the design on the plate.	CK
59853	This desk is designed for children.	CK
680942	Tom is a fan of simple home design.	Source_VOA
3022182	Who designed the sets for the play?	sharptoothed
59869	Who designed this strange building?	Dejo
32373	Mayuko designed a dress for herself.	CK
961601	She's studying French and web design.	CK
48329	The architect designed that building.	CK
60843	This design resembles his earlier work.	CK
39572	This textbook is designed for beginners.	CK
48018	The park was designed for small children.	CK
308985	Her bag is the same design as her mother's.	CM
1725541	The lubrication system was poorly designed.	belgavox
61253	This carpet is designed for residential use.	CK
55483	This is designed especially for young people.	CK
1222696	A gardener was called in to design the garden.	CK
311153	She designed beautiful costumes for the movie.	CK
310527	She is pursuing her career in interior design.	CM
49877	The hotel was designed by a Japanese architect.	CK
1495984	My house is designed to withstand an earthquake.	CK
57029	This book is designed to teach children how to read.	CM
954064	It wouldn't be too hard to design a new website for you.	CK
51254	Such things often happen by accident rather than by design.	CM