English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Describe" in Example Sentences
Page 1

2648154	Describe Tom to me.	CK	1
2548615	Tom described Mary.	CK	1
3327480	Can you describe it?	CK	1
3327769	Can you describe them?	CK	1
3160573	It's hard to describe.	Hybrid	1
2645627	Who are you describing?	CK	1
2299520	I asked Tom to describe it.	CK	1
1096484	I can't really describe it.	CK	1
2361815	I won't try to describe it.	CK	1
44133	Can you describe the object?	CK	1
2317500	I don't know how to describe it.	CK	1
1026501	Tom described what had happened.	CK	1
1026801	Tom can't describe how fun it was.	CK	1
294234	He described exactly what happened.	CK	1
1026800	Tom can't describe how painful it was.	CK	1
680670	Tom would describe the house as small.	Source_VOA	1
1026802	Tom can't describe how exciting it was.	CK	1
953163	Could you describe to the jury what happened?	CK	1
1094888	Tom described his new invention to both John and Mary.	CK	1
3023995	The situation Tom described actually happened once in Boston.	CK	1
1094887	Tom described how he was able to escape from the locked room.	CK	1
1043819	Some people describe Tom as a cross between Robin Hood and Zorro.	CK	1
1029507	Tom can't find the right words to describe his feelings for Mary.	CK	1
3327495	Can you describe him?	CK
2645189	What was Tom describing?	CK
1972608	Words can't describe it.	CK
2152214	Words cannot describe it.	AlanF_US
3328513	Can you describe it to me?	CK
3328515	Can you describe Tom to me?	CK
3328514	Can you describe them to me?	CK
3129735	Describe what happened next.	CK
1951474	I can't describe how I felt.	CK
2152270	Words could not describe it.	AlanF_US
3329739	Can you describe how Tom died?	CK
1618909	Describe your ideal breakfast.	Guybrush88
264676	I cannot describe my feelings.	CK
316488	She described him as handsome.	CK
298807	He described his own experience.	CK
1553487	How would you describe yourself?	CK
47076	Describe that accident in detail.	CK
288015	He described the scene in detail.	CK
316516	She described him as a detective.	CK
48184	That word describes it perfectly.	CK
44335	Words cannot describe the beauty.	CK
2141572	He described the flight in detail.	Dejo
311306	She described the scene in detail.	CK
683958	He described the incident in detail.	papabear
51012	Please describe what occurred there.	CK
2956416	Tom described exactly what happened.	CK
1526524	Do you know how my friends describe me?	pauldhunt