English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Deprive" in Example Sentences
Page 1

297181	He was deprived of his civil rights.	CK	1
327747	Sleep deprivation increases risk of heart attacks.	CK	1
306699	They deprived me of my liberty.	CK
269035	Worrying deprived him of sleep.	CM
263584	A toothache deprived me of sleep.	CK
241366	The king was deprived of his power.	CM
241453	The people deprived him of his rights.	CK
47151	The accident deprived him of his sight.	CK
276518	No one can deprive of your human rights.	CK
246188	No citizen should be deprived of his rights.	CM
297997	He deprived my little sister of all her toys.	CM
70728	I'm not trying to deprive you of your rights.	CK
271496	The government deprived him of all his rights.	CK
290779	The traffic accident deprived him of his sight.	CM
1546936	Tom's brain was deprived of oxygen for too long.	corvard
245657	You must not deprive children of their playthings.	CM
554835	No one shall be arbitrarily deprived of his property.	jakov
46105	The new law has deprived the citizens of their liberty.	CM
240328	The traffic accident deprived the young man of his sight.	CM
240331	A traffic accident deprived him of the use of his left hand.	CK
19925	If people who smoke are deprived of their cigarettes, they get nervous and irritable.	CK
847240	Almost the only time a fat man loses his temper is when he has been deprived of his food.	Source_Benedict_1921