English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Demand" in Example Sentences
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2202740	Tom is demanding.	CK	1
2202741	You're demanding.	CK	1
2313720	I demand a refund.	CK	1
2313722	I demand the truth.	CK	1
3109593	We made our demands.	CK	1
2248211	I'm pretty demanding.	CK	1
2245670	I demand satisfaction.	CK	1
3168248	I have one more demand.	CK	1
2313721	I demand an explanation.	CK	1
2276033	I don't have any demands.	CK	1
261316	I gave in to her demands.	CK	1
1094899	Tom demanded an explanation.	CK	1
2313723	I demand to be told the truth.	CK	1
43508	Do not give in to those demands.	CK	1
299074	He demanded payment of the debt.	CK	1
680662	Tom's boss demands a lot of work.	Source_VOA	1
2313725	I demand to know what's happening.	CK	1
324280	Imported cars are in strong demand.	CK	1
1094900	Tom demanded that we leave at once.	CK	1
25159	I demand to know what's going on here.	CK	1
2313724	I demand to know what you're doing here.	CK	1
295252	He demanded that his salary be increased.	CK	1
326345	The workers united to demand higher wages.	CM	1
1094897	Tom demanded to know why Mary didn't come.	CK	1
887040	She confronted him and demanded an apology.	CK	1
1029867	Tom and Mary demanded better working conditions.	CK	1
50030	The hijacker demanded a ransom of two million dollars.	Eldad	1
266248	There is close relationship between supply and demand.	CM	1
24434	Demand for imported cars is increasing due to lower prices.	NekoKanjya	1
1094898	Tom demanded to know why he hadn't been told about the changes.	CK	1
1027303	The workers at Tom's company are demanding shorter working hours.	CK	1
1095987	Tom and Mary don't have much time to talk together. Their children are always demanding their attention.	CK	1
1108062	Tom is the type of person who always demands that something be done rather than request that it be done.	CK	1
1869777	We demand justice.	Spamster
309847	I meet her demands.	CM
1526299	The demand is huge.	Spamster
3342234	What are your demands?	CK
293138	He demanded better pay.	CK
3342232	We've got some demands.	CK
1396902	He finally met my demands.	CK
2644185	Will you meet our demands?	CK
2949730	His boss is very demanding.	AlanF_US
806950	Saddam rejected the demand.	Source_VOA
1654309	The public demands answers.	Spamster
248848	We have to meet the demand.	CK
260862	I cannot meet their demands.	CM
260863	I gave way to their demands.	CM
806993	The people demanded answers.	Source_VOA
54299	We cannot meet your demands.	CM
807001	Anderson rejected the demand.	Source_VOA