English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Delicate" in Example Sentences
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2236644	Tom is delicate.	CK	1
2245269	Do it delicately.	CK	1
42305	It's a delicate problem.	CK	1
2663481	That's a delicate problem.	CK	1
300695	He is delicate.	CM
272394	A baby has delicate skin.	CK
2173701	It's a delicate situation.	Hybrid
297151	He was delicate as a child.	CM
456197	It's a very delicate matter.	lukaszpp
42137	It's a very delicate question.	Eldad
1312809	Happiness is a delicate flower.	CK
34370	Blowfish is a delicacy in Japan.	CK
257562	I am now in a delicate position.	CK
299162	He was a weak and delicate child.	CK
1196581	A rose's petals are very delicate.	nadsat
253336	I regard crab as a great delicacy.	CK
1674173	A delicate balance must be reached.	wrarshad91
1420381	She put me in a delicate situation.	etoile
317950	That was a very delicate situation.	CK
2267833	That girl has very delicate features.	_undertoad
253335	I find myself in a rather delicate situation.	CK
240290	The negotiations are at a very delicate stage.	CM
430640	Fried spiders are a regional delicacy in Cambodia.	Scott
1326633	Egg tarts, when freshly baked, are a real delicacy.	nickyeow
275882	The president declined to answer the delicate question.	CK
59622	Is there a restaurant around here that serves local delicacies?	CM
263870	As the situation is delicate, you should be careful of what you say.	CM