English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Delete" in Example Sentences
Page 1

2273942	Who deleted the file?	CK	1
60593	Please delete this file.	CK	1
2454385	I deleted my Facebook account.	Hybrid	1
2642147	Tom deleted Mary's email message.	CK	1
953384	I can't figure out how to delete what I just posted.	CK	1
1094959	Tom decided to delete his email address from every page on his website.	CK	1
1096042	Tom accidentally deleted all the files on one of his external hard disks.	CK	1
1324349	Delete that picture.	Scott
1862492	Delete his name from the list.	CK
2956412	Tom deleted his Facebook account.	CK
1036252	Your name was deleted from the list.	Eldad
1891287	I think I mistakenly deleted that file.	CK
681423	I have to delete many files from my computer.	Source_VOA
2662781	I'm having a problem deleting one of my files.	CK
2640279	Tom deleted all the files off his thumb drive.	CK
25675	Delete his name from the list of the applicants.	NekoKanjya
328962	Additions and deletions are not shown immediately.	fcbond
953727	I wish I could figure out how to delete my Facebook account.	CK
35662	I've mistakenly deleted the party information and registration you sent to me.	CM
253197	I carelessly deleted your e-mail address and had to ask Russell in New Zealand for it.	CK
612009	This was a translation of copyrighted material, so I deleted it since copyright owners have the right to control derivative works.	CK