English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Delay" in Example Sentences
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2234106	What's the delay?	CK	1
1886728	What is the delay?	CK	1
3313101	We had a slight delay.	CK	1
2545915	I'm sorry for the delay.	CK	1
2280392	Please explain the delay.	CK	1
680659	Tom's flight was delayed.	Source_VOA	1
1886705	What's causing the delay?	CK	1
1392467	I apologize for the delay.	Shishir	1
2953816	We were delayed in Boston.	CK	1
274958	We must allow for some delay.	CK	1
326242	The train was delayed by snow.	CK	1
266568	I was delayed by a traffic jam.	CK	1
2359067	I've been delayed for a few hours.	CK	1
279171	The train was delayed for an hour.	CK	1
248493	We delayed the meeting for a week.	CK	1
64009	I'm sorry for the delay in my reply.	CM	1
240354	We were delayed by the heavy traffic.	CK	1
326241	The train was delayed because of snow.	CK	1
326245	The train was delayed by a heavy snowfall.	CK	1
279175	It makes no difference whether the train is delayed or not.	CK	1
63033	The delay forced us to stay overnight in an expensive hotel.	CK	1
1428373	The train was delayed for two hours because of the heavy snow.	CK	1
2419348	Sorry for the delay.	erikspen
1073136	Our train is delayed.	Guybrush88
2953341	The delay was unavoidable.	CK
2786939	Has the train been delayed?	Nero
1368433	We apologize for the delay.	Spamster
73344	Has Flight 123 been delayed?	CK
1748951	She apologized for her delay.	belgavox
302599	He was irritated by her delay.	CK
680657	They delayed buying a new car.	Source_VOA
263137	We must allow for some delays.	CK
282252	A thick fog delayed our flight.	CM
277366	I must apologize for the delay.	CK
3329445	We can't delay this any longer.	CK
290979	He delayed answering the letter.	CM
1099562	There's no excuse for his delay.	CK
2259878	What was the cause of his delay?	_undertoad
862897	There is no excuse for his delay.	Vulgaris
301500	He sent word that he'd be delayed.	CK
931501	Is Flight 123 going to be delayed?	FeuDRenais
916641	The bad weather delayed the plane.	CK
2259723	This'll delay my trip a long time.	_undertoad
2265835	Don't delay finishing the business.	_undertoad
274978	Perhaps the train has been delayed.	CK
1951466	I can't delay my decision any longer.	CK
318020	It looks like the flight was delayed.	CM
33185	Bob got impatient at his wife's delay.	CK
1590810	I apologize for the delay in replying.	TopMan
320367	I'm sorry for the delay in responding.	CK