English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Defeat" in Example Sentences
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887062	She defeated him.	CK	1
2237221	Tom looks defeated.	CK	1
2237688	Tom seems defeated.	CK	1
2255419	You've defeated me.	CK	1
1951464	You can't defeat me.	CK	1
2547964	You've defeated Tom.	CK	1
28768	We defeated the enemy.	CK	1
1293181	He admitted his defeat.	CK	1
2713505	You'll never defeat me.	CK	1
2713504	You'll never defeat us.	CK	1
2208500	You can't defeat Tom alone.	CK	1
1951465	You can't defeat Tom without my help.	CK	1
37021	Tom acknowledges that he was defeated.	CK	1
3228015	Tom's team suffered a crushing defeat.	patgfisher	1
1027223	Tom admitted that he had been defeated.	CK	1
327661	Even I was defeated.	CM
1657733	He will defeat them.	Spamster
1657731	We will defeat them.	Spamster
2258299	He defeated his enemy.	_undertoad
303369	He took his defeat hard.	CM
805469	The treaty was defeated.	Source_VOA
1600796	You will never defeat me!	Spamster
3178533	The enemy must be defeated.	CK
303371	He didn't acknowledge defeat.	Zifre
263302	We defeated them in baseball.	CK
1617161	I can defeat any chess player.	marcelostockle
807095	Grant refused to accept defeat.	Source_VOA
804245	Germany and Japan were defeated.	Source_VOA
804057	The British defeated the French.	Source_VOA
802339	They had been defeated in battle.	Source_VOA
958845	Rumors of defeat were circulating.	FeuDRenais
2285962	The defeat completely crushed him.	unrelatedwaffle
282433	The defeat didn't dampen his spirits.	CM
430162	The French were defeated at Waterloo.	witbrock
262675	We defeated the other team by 3 points.	CK
319431	The defeated team slowly left the field.	CM
291103	He defeated his opponent in the election.	CK
807421	Republicans were defeated in many states.	Source_VOA
1058906	Defeated revolutions are forgotten quickly.	mookeee
804223	Japan had defeated Russia in a war in 1905.	Source_VOA
1092971	Tom seems to be unwilling to accept defeat.	CK
2512880	We defeated our opponents in the last game.	sharptoothed
804139	The battle was an important defeat for Japan.	Source_VOA
1127457	The hero finally defeated the evil scientist.	Scott
18898	To our surprise, he was defeated in the match.	CK
32281	A miserable sequence of defeats discouraged us.	CM
807595	Roosevelt refused to accept the idea of defeat.	Source_VOA
805396	The Confederate leaders refused to accept defeat.	Source_VOA
831302	The communist forces quickly defeated the Marines.	CM
807695	The Marines quickly defeated the communist forces.	Source_VOA