English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Deeply" in Example Sentences
Page 1

299963	He breathed deeply.	CK	1
307451	They admire her deeply.	CM	1
2821572	Tom was deeply shocked.	CK	1
306923	They are deeply in love.	CK	1
1488473	Tom is deeply disturbed.	Spamster	1
2273677	Tom was breathing deeply.	CK	1
254120	I was deeply moved by that.	CK	1
953818	I'm deeply in love with you.	CK	1
53141	Jack seems to regret it deeply.	CK	1
1029926	Tom and Mary are deeply in love.	CK	1
1028588	Tom is deeply in love with Mary.	CK	1
291389	He was deeply moved by the story.	CK	1
260779	I was deeply moved by his speech.	CK	1
277938	The audience was deeply affected.	CK	1
254634	I was deeply touched by the story.	CK	1
1140985	Tom was deeply moved by what Mary said.	CK	1
287717	I was deeply impressed with his courage.	CK	1
1167518	Tom is deeply grateful for all Mary's help.	CK	1
1095808	Tom became deeply interested in art history.	CK	1
1029927	Tom and Mary are deeply in love with each other.	CK	1
1094624	Tom didn't want anyone to know that he was deeply in debt.	CK	1
1152159	Breathe in deeply.	belgavox
2008494	She breathed deeply.	Eldad
1934991	He kissed her deeply.	Spamster
878364	Don't sleep too deeply.	Cainntear
317004	She bowed deeply to me.	CK
296550	He is deeply in debt now.	Zifre
2259353	The news moved him deeply.	_undertoad
285106	I am deeply in debt to him.	CM
299966	He could not breathe deeply.	CK
302669	He's deeply attached to her.	CM
1256148	They love each other deeply.	stb
302656	He is deeply attached to her.	CK
803009	He deeply regretted this loss.	Source_VOA
261439	I am deeply interested in art.	CK
269507	It's healthy to breathe deeply.	CK
296074	He deeply deplored the situation.	CM
317669	Their friendship moved us deeply.	CM
2712876	Tom gazed deeply into Mary's eyes.	CK
249306	We were deeply moved by her story.	CK
260525	I was deeply affected by his speech.	CK
2641505	Tom and Mary love each other deeply.	CK
1345757	Bob thought deeply about that matter.	CK
260524	I was deeply impressed by his speech.	CK
30683	I'll be deeply affected by his death.	CM
252806	I love you more deeply than I can say.	CK
48577	I was deeply impressed by the scenery.	CK
54471	I'm deeply grateful for your kindness.	CK
317434	She is deeply attached to her parents.	CM
2958515	Tom was deeply disturbed by this news.	CK