English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Debt" in Example Sentences
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299075	He ran into debt.	CK	1
2358689	I have a debt to pay.	CK	1
283829	He guaranteed my debt.	CM	1
1418971	Tom has gambling debts.	Spamster	1
319437	We had to write off the debt.	CK	1
2033485	That's a debt I want to repay.	CK	1
1093418	Tom is up to his ears in debt.	CK	1
1024785	Tom is up to his neck in debt.	CK	1
2953747	We owe you a debt of gratitude.	CK	1
299074	He demanded payment of the debt.	CK	1
23394	Our debt is more than we can pay.	Swift	1
1094624	Tom didn't want anyone to know that he was deeply in debt.	CK	1
249978	I owe him a debt.	CK
1648522	I'm in your debt.	Spamster
2195327	He's deep in debt.	Hybrid
249916	I am free of debt.	Zifre
1582094	I am in your debt.	Spamster
258419	I just went into debt.	CM
1390605	I must repay my debts.	CK
258421	I must repay the debt.	CM
1901667	How will I pay my debts?	Spamster
397839	That man has many debts.	CM
296550	He is deeply in debt now.	Zifre
299080	His debts were piling up.	CM
316402	She guaranteed his debts.	CM
2985385	Tom is running into debt.	sharptoothed
1901614	How will he pay his debts?	Spamster
1901668	How will we pay our debts?	Spamster
1518886	I am forever in your debt.	darinmex
868503	You must repay your debts.	LittleBoy
16015	You should pay your debts.	Swift
286606	His debts amount to $2,000.	CK
285106	I am deeply in debt to him.	CM
2952153	I have some debts to repay.	CK
33491	I'm up to the ears in debt.	CM
804031	He had to pay his own debts.	Source_VOA
1901610	How will I pay my debts now?	Spamster
1901615	How will you pay your debts?	Spamster
2512852	They're always deep in debt.	sharptoothed
2820977	Tom pays his debts promptly.	sharptoothed
69941	You are liable for the debt.	CK
265672	He is up to his ears in debt.	CK
286597	His debt came to 100 dollars.	CK
680641	The national debt is growing.	Source_VOA
2702131	He wants to pay off his debts.	CK
297881	He will never forgive my debt.	CM
1901611	How will we pay our debts now?	Spamster
680643	How would you handle her debt?	Source_VOA
2571523	I owe Tom a debt of gratitude.	sharptoothed
3185872	Tom needs to pay his own debts.	CK