English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Deadline" in Example Sentences
Page 1

2358688	I have a deadline.	CK	1
2548511	We have a deadline.	CK	1
2547402	I missed the deadline.	CK	1
73510	Can you make the deadline?	CK	1
1177619	Tom has a deadline to meet.	CK	1
2543926	We have a deadline to meet.	CK	1
2360072	I've never missed a deadline.	CK	1
1094696	Tom didn't make the deadline.	CK	1
2542304	I'm trying to meet a deadline.	CK	1
2541289	I'm trying to meet the deadline.	CK	1
1094718	Tom didn't know the deadline was today.	CK	1
278602	I'm killing myself to meet the deadline.	CM	1
1094336	Tom doesn't think he can make the deadline.	CK	1
2277512	The deadline for the reports is next Monday.	CK	1
1737139	He missed the deadline.	Spamster
1737142	We missed the deadline.	Spamster
2545761	Tom missed the deadline.	CK
1737141	They missed the deadline.	Spamster
1497746	The deadline is approaching.	weihaiping
243960	The deadline is drawing near.	CK
2948360	The deadline had to be extended.	AlanF_US
1810154	Can you make it before the deadline?	Eldad
2539533	I wouldn't want to miss the deadline.	CK
680907	Can we extend the deadline by two weeks?	Source_VOA
2956912	Tom has missed three deadlines in a row.	CK
20519	You must get the job done before the deadline.	CK
1893842	We have less than two hours until the deadline.	CK
278600	She handed in her term paper after the deadline.	CK
243967	The new final deadline is at 7 o'clock on June 10th.	CK
1951523	You can't do this alone and still meet the deadline.	CK
29500	I am terribly busy because the report deadline is near.	CK
3248209	Tom worked day and night for weeks to meet the deadline.	patgfisher
315907	She took great pains to get the job done before the deadline.	CM
1420678	I just don't know how I will be able to meet all my deadlines!	tien_oroniel
73603	"What if I miss the deadline?" "I bet he will get mad at you!"	CM
2943819	With his mother very sick and a tight deadline at work, Tom has a lot on his plate at the moment.	patgfisher