English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Dawn" in Example Sentences
Page 1

249437	We got up at dawn.	CK	1
1092316	Tom was up before dawn.	CK	1
1140833	Tom worked from dawn to dusk.	CK	1
1024600	Tom left his house before dawn.	CK	1
1486430	Tom woke up at the crack of dawn.	Spamster	1
2540408	Tom didn't arrive home until dawn.	CK	1
1025996	Tom doesn't mind getting up at dawn.	CK	1
1093907	Tom got up just before dawn this morning.	CK	1
1093310	Tom left for school at the break of dawn.	CK	1
1024583	Tom left to go fishing shortly before dawn.	CK	1
1141053	Tom wakes up at the crack of dawn every day.	CK	1
2031097	We have to leave at the crack of dawn tomorrow.	CK	1
1536008	He came at dawn.	yujin
323957	The dawn is breaking.	CM
263300	We must get up at dawn.	Eldad
2644804	Tom stayed up until dawn.	CK
2470541	They stayed up until dawn.	Hybrid
1633227	We work from dawn until dusk.	GeeZ
2509421	I got up at the crack of dawn.	sharptoothed
534654	Roger works from dawn to dusk.	blay_paul
47081	The accident occurred at dawn.	CK
1740193	The enemy attack ended at dawn.	belgavox
307622	They arrived there before dawn.	Dejo
252308	I was woken up suddenly at dawn.	CK
278663	The enemy attack ceased at dawn.	CK
2834019	We woke up at the crack of dawn.	0ni
307621	They surprised the enemy at dawn.	CK
278664	The enemy's attack ceased at dawn.	CK
322988	It gets extremely cold toward dawn.	CK
30246	The meaning dawned upon me at last.	CK
277760	It's always darkest before the dawn.	CM
2571491	It finally dawned on me what Tom meant.	sharptoothed
249438	We reached the top of the hills at dawn.	Dejo
370038	The darkest hour is just before the dawn.	Trank
263080	We got up at dawn to avoid a traffic jam.	Dejo
263650	The truth of the matter is dawning on him.	CK
2268174	The high command decided to attack at dawn.	_undertoad
3133590	It's almost dawn and nothing's happened yet.	CK
665283	She said that she had to be back before dawn.	Scott
31189	I'm beat. I've been working from dawn to dusk.	CM
262001	I will get to the foot of the hill before dawn.	CM
325582	The tourists had to leave the town before dawn.	CK
263649	The truth of the matter gradually dawned on me.	masumi
322012	We hit the hay early in order to get up at dawn.	CM
322987	It was cold at dawn, so I put on another blanket.	CM
51222	What he meant by those words finally dawned on me.	Dejo
2258918	In the summer, it dawns earlier than in the winter.	_undertoad
283834	It has slowly dawned upon us that he will not help.	CM
320113	The soldiers got to the foot of the hill before dawn.	CK
285323	It gradually dawned on me that I had misunderstood him.	CM