English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Darkness" in Example Sentences
Page 1

1867942	Tom sat in the darkness.	CK	1
23337	Our eyes take time to adjust to the darkness.	NekoKanjya	1
1092583	Tom waited a while to let his eyes adjust to the darkness.	CK	1
323984	Darkness is falling.	CM
2958437	Tom vanished into the darkness.	CK
28414	A form appeared in the darkness.	CM
28394	Darkness is the absence of light.	CK
319573	The room was in complete darkness.	CM
1360715	She fumbled around in the darkness.	xrchz
28415	We saw a dim light in the darkness.	CM
22647	We advanced under cover of darkness.	CK
293507	He felt his way through the darkness.	CK
28425	The robber emerged from the darkness.	CK
3171564	Tom felt his way through the darkness.	CK
286325	His black coat blended into the darkness.	CK
274849	Darkness causes many children to be afraid.	CM
251990	My eyes haven't yet adjusted to the darkness.	CM
2742880	Tom watched Mary disappear into the darkness.	CM
877396	There in the darkness, she reflected on her life.	papabear
3113297	It took my eyes a moment to adjust to the darkness.	CK
2939240	Flying in darkness without adequate training is a major cause of light aircraft accidents.	patgfisher