English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Customer" in Example Sentences
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1025181	Tom is a good customer.	CK	1
2546405	Tom is with a customer.	CK	1
2713503	You're a good customer.	CK	1
2359680	I've got plenty of customers.	CK	1
242988	I'm expecting a customer today.	CK	1
2990964	Why don't you call customer service?	CK	1
37105	Tom sometimes rips off his customers.	CK	1
326031	That customer came back to complain again.	CK	1
279007	The store needs more clerks to wait on customers.	CM	1
3264794	Recently, we've been getting a lot of new customers.	CK	1
1467249	There were no customers, so we closed the shop early.	CK	1
306546	They attract customers by offering high-quality goods.	CK	1
1467248	Since there were no customers, we closed the shop early.	CK	1
1728336	I advise customers.	Amastan
259912	I'm only a customer.	Nero
836220	The customer agrees.	Guybrush88
1690598	We love our customers.	Spamster
72000	He is a tough customer.	CM
2199505	There are no customers.	Hybrid
1519111	We value our customers.	Spamster
954723	You are a good customer.	CK
1487439	I was visited by a customer.	marshmallowcat
435417	That shop has many customers.	blay_paul
462670	The customer is always right.	lukaszpp
706896	There are few customers today.	papabear
3309988	We've got customers to talk to.	CK
3168108	Tom is one of my best customers.	CK
240111	Customers came one after another.	Dejo
1752038	He knows how to talk to customers.	Amastan
681050	The company gained more customers.	Source_VOA
3181902	Tom knows how to talk to customers.	CK
3315330	You are our one millionth customer.	CK
48741	I'm going to attend to the customer.	CM
19905	Customers stopped coming to our shop.	CK
64673	We must keep the customers satisfied.	CK
316966	She handed the parcel to the customer.	CK
240025	I have told you how to treat customers.	CM
280029	Our policy is to satisfy our customers.	CK
41995	Those children are potential customers.	CK
3182003	Tom is talking to a customer right now.	CK
1640964	Watch out for rowdy or drunk customers.	Spamster
3060426	We don't get a lot of repeat customers.	CK
64654	We have a parking lot for the customers.	CK
249591	We have more customers than we can count.	CK
2960453	Were there any customers while I was gone?	Hybrid
3204197	What have you been telling your customers?	CK
287208	His store is always crowded with customers.	CK
52718	John talked with his customer on the phone.	Swift
689851	The cashier bagged the customer's groceries.	ulyssemc1
3110071	Customer satisfaction is our primary concern.	CK