English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Custom" in Example Sentences
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290496	He is acquainted with the custom.	CM	1
2331751	I had this suit custom made for me.	CK	1
265341	Social customs vary from country to country.	CK	1
24199	It is our custom to take off our shoes when we enter the house.	CK	1
446119	Where is Customs?	blay_paul
1612976	It's all custom made.	Spamster
2268582	The suit's custom-made.	_undertoad
2259597	They paid customs duties.	_undertoad
2643045	I had this guitar custom made.	CK
46705	The custom originated in China.	CK
254145	I am acquainted with the custom.	CM
21756	Each country has its own customs.	fanty
58573	This custom is peculiar to Japan.	CK
58579	This custom is unique to America.	CK
22815	We have to respect local customs.	Dejo
20816	A customs declaration is required.	CK
359375	All of my clothes are custom made.	Hautis
2512854	This custom is dying out nowadays.	sharptoothed
238711	Marriage customs differ by country.	CK
60303	This evil custom must be abolished.	CM
55466	This is a custom peculiar to Japan.	CK
530081	The customs office is at the border.	wma
58576	This custom began in the Edo Period.	CK
680619	It's a custom to celebrate Christmas.	Source_VOA
58578	This custom dates from ancient times.	CM
59907	This custom should be done away with.	CM
1841206	Tom is very proud of his custom bike.	Spamster
58577	This custom dates from the Edo period.	CK
51082	We must do away with such bad customs.	CM
2641045	Have you ever had anything custom made?	CK
60421	Such a custom should be done away with.	CM
2267817	That custom has become very widespread.	_undertoad
1963050	The customs officials boarded the ship.	CK
497732	This custom began during the Edo period.	boracasli
1841208	He's very proud of his custom motorcycle.	Spamster
274824	Many old customs are gradually dying out.	CK
272080	The customs officials examined the boxes.	CK
1725464	Yesterday's vices are tomorrow's customs.	belgavox
2167441	They passed through customs in São Paulo.	alexmarcelo
41421	We have to do away with such a bad custom.	Swift
46702	He dates the custom from the colonial days.	CM
41419	Such a bad custom should be done away with.	Swift
41422	Such evil customs should be done away with.	Swift
57282	This custom dates back to the 12th century.	CK
1365923	This custom is followed in most households.	CK
243022	Ancient customs are dying out quickly today.	CM
680620	It's a custom to have turkey at Thanksgiving.	Source_VOA
272083	Please fill out the Customs Declaration Form.	CK
1963049	The customs officials searched the whole ship.	CK
680621	Customs include food, celebrations and dancing.	Source_VOA