English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Custody" in Example Sentences
Page 1

2273222	Tom is in custody.	CK	1
3240702	Tom is still in custody.	CK	1
3240704	Tom is in police custody now.	CK	1
3240703	Tom is in protective custody.	CK	1
1024935	Tom is now in police custody.	CK	1
3240701	We've got a suspect in custody.	CK	1
3240705	The police took Tom into custody.	CK	1
3240707	The police have a suspect in custody.	CK	1
3240706	The police have taken Tom into custody.	CK	1
3240708	Do the police still have Tom in custody?	CK	1
1025413	Tom has been taken into protective custody.	CK	1
1027514	I think it's highly unlikely that Tom will get custody of the kids.	CK	1
3240682	Tom got custody of his son.	CK
3044438	Tom is in protective custody.	CK
238151	The police held him in custody.	CK
3240679	Tom lost custody of his children.	CK
45325	The man was held in police custody.	CK
1869536	The suspect was taken into custody.	Spamster
3240680	Tom wants full custody of the kids.	CK
3240691	Tom was given full custody of the children.	CK
276715	Her husband also wanted custody of the children.	CM
2640083	The police have one of the kidnappers in custody.	CK
3240685	We haven't worked out custody of the children yet.	CK
3240695	Tom is trying to get custody of his sister's children.	CK
3240666	Tom and Mary's custody battle for their children was a long, drawn-out affair.	patgfisher