English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Culture" in Example Sentences
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2202722	I'm cultured.	CK	1
2202719	We're cultured.	CK	1
2202721	Tom is cultured.	CK	1
2202720	You're cultured.	CK	1
21939	It's fun to learn about foreign cultures.	Eldad	1
2592581	I love French culture.	WestofEden
320029	Culture destroys language.	CM
1388128	They talked about culture.	CK
460082	Culture destroys languages.	saasmath
1869284	They have their own culture.	Guybrush88
63102	I learned about Greek culture.	CK
302254	He appreciates Japanese culture.	CK
843952	This doctor is a man of culture.	J_S
277159	There are many cultures on Earth.	CM
1513363	It differs from culture to culture.	Spamster
680611	The drug culture has its own rules.	Source_VOA
289310	He is what we call a man of culture.	CM
484963	I learned a lot about Greek culture.	CM
302230	He is familiar with Japanese culture.	CK
243117	Culture Day falls on Monday this year.	CK
289299	He is what is called a man of culture.	CM
1474152	How long did the Maya culture flourish?	CM
1242722	Language and culture can't be separated.	BraveSentry
680613	People dress colorfully in that culture.	Source_VOA
1322090	I am a great admirer of American culture.	danepo
239793	You can't separate language from culture.	CK
2658393	I learned many things about Greek culture.	WestofEden
680612	Dance is a beautiful part of every culture.	Source_VOA
255147	I am interested in studying German culture.	CK
1058318	She is what one would call a cultured woman.	shadowsofpegasus
23246	We studied Greek culture from various aspects.	CK
23500	It is good for us to understand other cultures.	NekoKanjya
325740	The two regions differ in religion and culture.	CM
1862545	In many cultures, men and women dress differently.	Spamster
271820	The students are talking about language and culture.	CK
277158	There are many countries and many cultures on Earth.	CM
1979380	Today the teacher chose "Chinese culture" as a topic.	AryKiss
321861	I tried to absorb as much of local culture as possible.	CM
22931	We have to transmit our culture to the next generation.	NekoKanjya
23342	In our culture, we can't be married to two women at once.	NekoKanjya
2267274	In South America, there are many traces of Indian culture.	_undertoad
329122	Being knowledgeable about Japanese culture is a good thing.	fcbond
291834	He tried to absorb as much of the local culture as possible.	CM
313214	She first came into contact with Japanese culture last year.	CK
28174	It is generally hard to adapt to living in a foreign culture.	NekoKanjya
684036	Culture is like jam, the less you have, the more you spread it.	jakov
680070	We try to explain things across cultures; in spite of boundaries.	Source_VOA
28173	It's very difficult to communicate with people from other cultures.	CK
1177884	In our culture, you cannot be married to two women at the same time.	bart
43058	It is important to understand that each country has its own culture.	Nero