English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Cruise" in Example Sentences
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73076	How many cruises are there each day?	CM	1
1388220	Tom and Mary went on a cruise near Italy for their honeymoon, but the ship sank and Tom was drowned in his cabin.	Spamster	1
304679	He hailed a cruising taxi.	Nero
1963069	Have you ever been on a cruise ship?	CK
23324	We are cruising at an altitude of 39,000 feet.	CK
46250	The prize money enabled me to go on a world cruise.	CK
3023904	Tom cruised down Park Street in his new sports car.	CK
954214	One thing I've always wanted to do is go on a sea cruise.	CK
1977268	You're on the wrong ship. This is a cruise to Alaska, not Hawaii.	Spamster
2042842	Have you thought about what time of year you want to take a cruise?	CK
238196	The police cruiser pulled to a stop near the spot where the accident happened.	Nero
1559499	I have recently used the services of his travel agency to book a cruise in the Mediterranean.	sam_m