English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Crop" in Example Sentences
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320232	The rice crop is large this year.	CK	1
325304	The storm did a lot of harm to the crops.	CK	1
325256	The crops were badly damaged by the storm.	CK	1
59313	We'll have a good crop if this good weather keeps up.	CK	1
714315	The crops need rain.	Guybrush88
244318	The crops have withered.	Nero
34633	The hail harmed the crops.	CK
289273	He grew a variety of crops.	CK
2268134	The flood ruined the crops.	_undertoad
262712	We grow a variety of crops.	CK
317876	Rich soil yields good crops.	CK
2259317	The floods ruined the crops.	_undertoad
27172	The rice crop is already in.	CK
2985493	The frost will ruin the crop.	sharptoothed
2195388	They're the cream of the crop.	Hybrid
2069370	Clover makes a good cover crop.	_undertoad
281407	The main crop of Japan is rice.	CK
2880536	We had a bumper crop this year.	Hybrid
2958904	We had a record crop this year.	sharptoothed
320233	The rice crop is poor this year.	CK
57488	These fields produce fine crops.	papabear
243179	We have had a heavy crop this year.	CM
320204	Rice is the chief crop in this area.	CK
241474	The crops were damaged by the flood.	CK
322482	They had poor crops year after year.	CM
755166	The storm severely damaged the crops.	sctld
807309	Tobacco was one of their major crops.	Source_VOA
29184	The chief crop of our country is rice.	CK
266266	A dry spell accounts for the poor crop.	CM
60299	This bad weather will affect the crops.	Nero
63421	The drought damaged all the crops there.	CK
325302	The storm did heavy damage to the crops.	CM
325303	The storm had a bad impact on the crops.	CM
755170	These fields produce good quality crops.	sctld
47986	The flood did a lot of harm to the crops.	Nero
243133	We have a good crop of tomatoes this year.	CK
1461056	The frost did a lot of damage to the crops.	CK
275456	The storm did a lot of damage to the crops.	CK
68531	Those scientists are the cream of the crop.	CM
270926	We've had a poor crop due to lack of water.	CM
281138	The drought has done great harm to the crops.	CM
275455	The typhoon caused great damage to the crops.	Dejo
1397661	The typhoon did a lot of damage to the crops.	CK
805290	Cold weather and insects destroyed their crops.	Source_VOA
38398	Corn is an important crop in the United States.	darinmex
550901	Corn is the most highly subsidized crop in America.	darinmex
26716	Does the amount of rain affect the growth of crops?	NekoKanjya
814168	Through genetic modification, we can improve crops.	eastasiastudent
802732	They would pay back the loans when they sold their crops.	Source_VOA
244701	We had a bad rice crop last year because it rained a lot.	CK