English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Crisis" in Example Sentences
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2549216	We have a crisis.	CK	1
2546419	Tom is having a crisis.	CK	1
2892429	We're in the middle of a crisis.	CK	1
1817631	Europe is in crisis.	Scott
271193	A global crisis is at hand.	CM
23104	We are facing a violent crisis.	CK
680604	Their company survived the crisis.	Source_VOA
680603	There was a financial crisis in 2009.	Source_VOA
1493787	When is this crisis going to be over?	niceguydave
1530354	His company didn't survive the crisis.	erikspen
1530355	His company went under during the crisis.	erikspen
270385	People are saying that the crisis is over.	CK
807474	President Hoover tried to solve the crisis.	Source_VOA
807489	A crisis in France could be bad for America.	Source_VOA
483068	The financial crisis has left many unemployed.	FeuDRenais
680605	The flood caused a crisis for their community.	Source_VOA
59232	We often hear about an energy crisis these days.	CK
807691	That crisis threatened to split the nation in two.	Source_VOA
18754	There will be an energy crisis in the near future.	Zifre
280759	The Cabinet is meeting today to discuss the crisis.	CM
1354877	A crisis in France could be bad for the United States.	AMIKEMA
329241	The rise and fall of prices caused a financial crisis.	fcbond
49033	The newscaster puts too much emphasis on the food crisis.	CM
243100	There will be an economic crisis at the end of this year.	CK
924409	Without your help, I couldn't have ridden out that crisis.	CK
545282	Is there any end in sight to the deepening economic crisis?	darinmex
805495	The crisis led to the 1968 Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.	Source_VOA
325614	The two countries will negotiate a settlement to the crisis.	CM
1115767	The prime minister spoke about the financial crisis at length.	Nero
287119	Thanks to his bold decision, he was able to ride out the crisis.	CM
269509	Were a serious crisis to arise, the government would have to act swiftly.	CM