English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Crawl" in Example Sentences
Page 1

2237078	Tom kept crawling.	CK	1
45843	The baby is crawling.	CK	1
2647013	Tom crawled into bed.	CK	1
2821590	Tom crawled out of bed.	CK	1
45867	The baby began to crawl.	CK	1
2331770	I had to crawl under the fence.	CK	1
1025787	Tom felt like crawling under a rock.	CK	1
1025777	Tom felt something crawling on his arm.	CK	1
3287277	Tom felt something crawling up his leg.	CK	1
1040673	Tom crawled into bed just before midnight.	CK	1
68227	That hut is crawling with lizards and insects.	CM	1
62756	Can you do the crawl?	CM
1983825	He crawled out of bed.	Spamster
3023905	Tom crawled under his bed.	CK
1789281	It's crawling with spiders.	Spamster
2543402	Tom crawled under the fence.	CK
1754732	He crawled out of the window.	Spamster
2259549	They crawled out of the cave.	_undertoad
272408	Babies crawl before they walk.	CK
310778	She knows how to do the crawl.	CK
2821353	Tom crawled out of the window.	CK
3047128	Tom crawled under barbed wire.	CK
2956381	Tom crawled underneath the bed.	CK
3009037	The cake was crawling with ants.	patgfisher
2956378	Tom crawled in through a window.	CK
2497810	This place is crawling with ants.	sharptoothed
2956379	Tom crawled through the dog door.	CK
1789283	The room is crawling with spiders.	Spamster
301006	He felt something crawl up his leg.	CK
272326	The baby was crawling on all fours.	CK
281006	The meat was crawling with maggots.	CM
25259	I felt something crawling up my arm.	CK
1789282	My bedroom is crawling with spiders.	Spamster
272389	The baby crawled on hands and knees.	CK
25253	I felt something crawling on my back.	CK
305241	Their baby has just started to crawl.	CK
2956380	Tom crawled through the small tunnel.	CK
39627	Maru crawled out from under the table.	CM
1609680	Don't try to walk before you can crawl.	deniko
45060	The town is always crawling with tourists.	CK
405069	As soon as Jim got home, he crawled into bed.	CK
19764	The holiday traffic crawled along the highway.	NekoKanjya
2780750	The dog crawled through an opening in the fence.	sharptoothed
2374035	I just want to crawl into bed and get some sleep.	CK
2497814	Tom forgot his key so he crawled in through the window.	sharptoothed
238578	I'm so embarrassed I could dig a hole and crawl into it.	CM
2639780	Tom crawled into bed and pulled the covers over himself.	CK
300787	He used all his strength to crawl out of the wrecked car.	CK
265318	The area around the melting ice cream was crawling with ants.	CK
560947	The sight of the centipede on the wall was enough to make my skin crawl.	kebukebu