English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Coward" in Example Sentences
Page 1

2240985	We're cowards.	CK	1
2272781	Tom is a coward.	CK	1
2648695	Tom is no coward.	CK	1
2269315	Don't be a coward.	CK	1
1207551	He's a big coward.	CK	1
2240526	We're all cowards.	CK	1
2240745	We're not cowards.	CK	1
3315235	Tom's a big coward.	CK	1
534728	You're all cowards.	Scott	1
1895564	You're such a coward.	CK	1
890806	I can't stand cowards.	Scott	1
53272	Jim called me a coward.	CK	1
2646020	None of us are cowards.	CK	1
2956179	Tom called me a coward.	CK	1
2955594	Tom and I aren't cowards.	CK	1
1029548	Tom called Mary a coward.	CK	1
294177	He is nothing more than a coward.	CK	1
260495	I called him a coward to his face.	CK	1
1122735	I'm a coward.	Scott
2270627	You're a coward!	_undertoad
2207260	You're a coward.	Hybrid
2417725	I'm not a coward.	AlanF_US
16281	You are not a coward.	CK
298099	He called me a coward.	CK
284638	He is a bit of a coward.	CK
1527959	Tom is shy and cowardly.	Spamster
307401	They called him a coward.	CK
27811	In a word, he is a coward.	NekoKanjya
1488696	Tom is a spineless coward.	Spamster
2264769	Come on, don't be a coward!	_undertoad
3200474	I told Tom he was a coward.	CK
1805353	I told you he was a coward.	Amastan
294175	He was accused of cowardice.	CM
2543428	They're a couple of cowards.	CK
3286904	You're nothing but a coward.	CK
302487	He was denounced as a coward.	CM
324362	My friend called me a coward.	CK
1155835	According to her, he is a coward.	alexmarcelo
294178	He resented being called a coward.	CK
22719	We looked down on him as a coward.	NekoKanjya
312732	She resented being called a coward.	CK
246625	Are you suggesting that I'm a coward?	CK
292074	He is too much of a coward to attempt it.	CK
33535	I'm a coward when it comes to cockroaches.	CM
298098	He went so far as to say that I was coward.	CM
45391	The boy mocked his friend for being a coward.	CM
296527	He is not the coward that he was ten years ago.	CK
255237	I'm such a coward that I rarely visit the dentist.	CM
52619	John is brave in appearance, but is in reality a coward.	CM
307793	You may call him a fool, but you cannot call him a coward.	CK