English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Course" in Example Sentences
Page 1

433730	Of course!	CK	1
433492	Of course.	CK	1
2236162	Tom changed course.	CK	1
441966	Of course I'll wait.	CK	1
3162062	Of course, I'll help.	CK	1
2241649	We've altered course.	CK	1
2547183	I'm joking, of course.	CK	1
3024053	Of course, I told Tom.	CK	1
3184969	Of course you can stay.	CK	1
276690	I might flunk the course.	CK	1
2545046	You're joking, of course.	CK	1
2359510	I have finished the course.	CK	1
3200639	Of course, I can't tell Tom.	CK	1
3200766	Of course, I didn't tell Tom.	CK	1
2406239	I see no other course of action.	CK	1
388652	Of course she can speak English.	CK	1
59635	Is there a golf course near here?	CK	1
3176912	Of course, Tom doesn't mean that.	CK	1
388653	She can speak English, of course.	CK	1
2540341	We're a bit off course, aren't we?	CK	1
267054	Do you have a course for beginners?	CK	1
3202185	Of course, I wouldn't tell Tom that.	CK	1
1847685	Tom and Mary ate a six-course meal together.	CK	1
2591684	You can do whatever you want to do, of course.	CK	1
1092835	Tom teaches an undergraduate course in translation.	CK	1
1027654	Almost all of Tom's free time is spent on a golf course.	CK	1
941335	Would I only work on weekends if I could? Of course, I would.	CK	1
1026460	Tom did the best he could, but he still wasn't able to pass the course.	CK	1
30530	Yes, of course.	Zifre
2322915	Of course he lied.	erikspen
30533	Of course I will go.	CK
460368	Of course, he is right.	Eldad
2545646	You're right, of course.	CK
462714	The first course is soup.	lukaszpp
1522331	Tom takes online courses.	Spamster
3024054	Of course, I remember Tom.	CK
30560	I will help you, of course.	CK
1195233	My new course starts today.	CM
273457	The ship changed its course.	CK
2643503	Tom was mistaken, of course.	CK
2954619	You need a refresher course.	CK
388565	Of course she passed the test.	CK
3200991	Of course, I have to tell Tom.	CK
65042	Which course do you recommend?	CM
30539	Of course, we must do our best.	CM
60125	How many credits is this course?	CM
30550	I am against the war, of course.	CK
2495079	Of course, I know what you mean.	sharptoothed
271274	Let things take their own course.	CM
2495045	You'll be notified in due course.	sharptoothed