English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Council" in Example Sentences
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2210874	Why don't you run for student council?	CK	1
1094861	Tom did everything within his power to keep Mary from being elected president of the student council.	CK	1
2268076	The council agreed on it.	_undertoad
2542925	I'm running for city council.	CK
2410797	I've been on the city council for five years.	AlanF_US
465528	Lee Leffingwell is the head of the Austin City Council.	witbrock
812026	The heads of 16 city councils met at the state capitol.	papabear
271854	The student council discussed plans for the graduation.	CK
30141	His wife's second cousin was a member of the Jewish ruling council.	CM