English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Cotton" in Example Sentences
Page 1

323502	Cotton absorbs water.	CK	1
1027048	Tom ate too much cotton candy.	CK	1
2358632	I bought some cotton candy for Tom.	CK	1
323501	Cotton sucks up water.	jakov
60571	This blouse is cotton.	CK
436915	I prefer a cotton blouse.	lukaszpp
261972	I bought two cotton shirts.	CK
289328	He cannot tell wool from cotton.	CM
2959129	The ship is carrying raw cotton.	sharptoothed
2134063	He's wearing a white cotton shirt.	Hybrid
48000	The factory produces cotton goods.	CM
2600079	The export of cotton has increased.	sharptoothed
2492860	Buy me a package of absorbent cotton.	sharptoothed
22651	We planted peanuts instead of cotton.	CK
3170610	Tom is wearing a white cotton T-shirt.	CK
954458	We ate cotton candy at the state fair.	CK
1886	Someday I will buy a cotton candy machine.	Swift
68687	Try on that shirt. It's made of fine cotton.	CK
28498	There was a glut of cotton goods due to cheap imports.	CM
2264645	Among the products of this region, cotton predominates.	_undertoad
5992	I heard a cotton candy shop has just opened. Let's go, dudes.	Zifre
323654	Cotton mittens will prevent the baby from scratching his own face.	CM
3020389	Use the highest heat settings only when you're ironing fabrics made of natural fibers like cotton or linen.	Delian