English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Corrupt" in Example Sentences
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965928	The file is corrupt.	alexmarcelo	1
806679	Power corrupts people.	Guybrush88
806677	Power brings corruption.	Guybrush88
1611142	These politicians are corrupt.	Spamster
303229	He dedicated his life to fighting corruption.	CK
271368	We are sick and tired of political corruption.	CK
1355928	Fear infects and corrupts everything it touches.	etala
2466959	Tom declared war on the corruption in his country.	kuma
241165	The speaker hinted at corruption in the political world.	CM
269198	The new government promised to rid the country of corruption.	CM
523949	Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely.	Dejo
1869532	He was accused of corrupting morals and spreading dangerous ideas.	Spamster
324785	The party in power is corrupt, but the opposition is little better.	CK
49945	Jason, who was in charge of the project, was dismissed for corruption.	CM
296319	He is the first national politician to be named in a widening corruption scandal.	CK
271709	He has a reputation as being straight as an arrow. He'd never get involved in corruption.	CM