English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Cop" in Example Sentences
Page 1

2247887	I'm a cop.	CK	1
2111319	They're cops.	CK	1
2272780	Tom is a cop.	CK	1
2244913	Are they cops?	CK	1
2549734	Are you a cop?	CK	1
2245027	Call the cops.	CK	1
2549707	I'm not a cop.	CK	1
2240746	We're not cops.	CK	1
2648934	Tom isn't a cop.	CK	1
2280256	A cop was killed.	CK	1
2300070	I called the cops.	CK	1
2271875	I don't like cops.	CK	1
2648429	They must be cops.	CK	1
2548858	I used to be a cop.	CK	1
1868410	Tom could be a cop.	CK	1
2647868	Tom was a good cop.	CK	1
2245232	Cops are everywhere.	CK	1
2647560	Tom called the cops.	CK	1
3331094	You look like a cop.	CK	1
1887341	I hate cops like him.	CK	1
1890968	I'm calling the cops.	CK	1
1951733	I can't go to the cops.	CK	1
2400056	The cops know who Tom is.	CK	1
2276677	Please don't call the cops.	CK	1
2288998	Don't tell Tom you're a cop.	CK	1
1951379	I can't call the cops on Tom.	CK	1
1970122	I'm friends with a lot of cops.	CK	1
1950886	I can't believe Tom was an undercover cop.	CK	1
3024420	Every cop in Boston is now looking for Tom.	CK	1
2033843	I have a feeling that Tom wants to call the cops.	CK	1
1848875	It's the cops!	Spamster
1517919	Tom is a crooked cop.	Spamster
2645621	Why are you a cop, Tom?	CK
1860501	Don't call the cops, man.	CK
1333029	My brother-in-law is a cop.	Shishir
2877261	How did you get to be a cop?	CK
1886044	Do you think you could be a cop?	CK
1918280	The boys played cops and robbers.	ceres629
328902	The cops are keeping tabs on him.	fcbond
3131653	Did Tom tell the cops what happened?	CK
2891323	How did you know that man was a cop?	CK
2650957	"Are you a cop?" "No. Why do you ask?"	meerkat
1476528	Tom and Mary are playing cops and robbers.	Spamster
744511	The cops are looking for the gang's hideout.	darinmex
1722	We're getting out of here. The cops are coming.	Swift
2537710	I'm calling the cops unless you leave right now.	CK
1239163	The cops threw tear-gas bombs into the building.	CM
238276	The cops are searching for the missing documents.	CM
238395	The cop went through his pockets, but found nothing.	CM
958669	The cops like the victim's boyfriend for the murder.	darinmex