English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Conversation" in Example Sentences
Page 1

2392555	I recorded our conversation.	CK	1
2331562	I had a conversation with Tom.	CK	1
2389591	I overheard your conversation.	CK	1
1095734	Tom broke into our conversation.	CK	1
321366	Don't interrupt our conversation.	CK	1
31933	Mary broke in on our conversation.	CK	1
2276184	I don't remember that conversation.	CK	1
1893597	We've had this conversation before.	CK	1
700476	This conversation is being recorded.	Zifre	1
263303	We had a conversation about baseball.	CK	1
2389590	I overheard your conversation with Tom.	CK	1
1026281	Tom didn't take part in our conversation.	CK	1
295603	He overheard the conversation by accident.	CM	1
2291178	I didn't mean to interrupt your conversation.	CK	1
2031359	Tom didn't want to continue the conversation.	CK	1
2308246	I couldn't help but overhear your conversation.	CK	1
2031938	I didn't want Tom to overhear our conversation.	CK	1
2406241	I see no point in continuing this conversation.	CK	1
997906	I didn't mean to eavesdrop on your conversation.	CK	1
2458475	I think we should continue this conversation outside.	CK	1
1025717	Tom found it difficult to keep the conversation going.	CK	1
1886014	Don't you just hate the way Tom always monopolizes the conversation?	CK	1
1934838	I'd just like to have a quick conversation with Tom before we leave.	CK	1
1474113	Since their conversation was in French, I couldn't understand a word.	CK	1
2079026	I love our conversations.	alexmarcelo
1126743	We had a good conversation.	nadsat
249503	We broke off our conversation.	CK
3313114	We should have a conversation.	CK
3300534	Tom overheard our conversation.	Hybrid
297390	He broke in on our conversation.	CK
870086	He interrupted our conversation.	user
22339	Won't you join our conversation?	CK
3023409	Tom overheard their conversation.	CK
1486680	It's a great conversation starter.	Spamster
3005499	Tom heard the entire conversation.	CK
277055	I enjoy intellectual conversations.	CM
56447	This conversation is a masterpiece.	Zifre
269245	A new topic came up in conversation.	CK
2539910	Are you recording this conversation?	CK
755183	I wasn't following the conversation.	sctld
2259603	They put an end to the conversation.	_undertoad
304858	He changed the topic of conversation.	CM
2703355	He's not good at making conversation.	WestofEden
37746	Who teaches you English conversation?	CK
27619	An old man broke into our conversation.	Zifre
29006	I didn't take part in the conversation.	CK
22883	We entered into a serious conversation.	CK
22341	Why don't you join in the conversation?	CK
304856	He has a lot of topics for conversation.	CM
2512814	After Tom came in, the conversation died.	sharptoothed