English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Contract" in Example Sentences
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2358680	I have a contract.	CK	1
2249963	Sign the contract.	CK	1
2548512	We have a contract.	CK	1
1092914	Tom signed the contract.	CK	1
2013982	I'd like to see that contract.	CK	1
1164374	Tom negotiated a new contract.	CK	1
2047672	Look at the contract carefully.	CK	1
3201310	Tell Tom I'll sign the contract.	CK	1
1093764	Tom handed the contract to Mary.	CK	1
2288931	Don't forget to sign the contract.	CK	1
2325967	I faxed Tom a copy of the contract.	CK	1
2329653	I got Tom to sign the new contract.	CK	1
1026720	Tom carefully read over the contract.	CK	1
1893772	We might not need to sign a contract.	CK	1
1024076	Tom took his time reading the contract.	CK	1
2451273	Tom translated the contract into French.	CK	1
953482	I have to check and see what the contract says.	CK	1
237916	You should look over the contract before you sign it.	CK	1
2042709	I want everything you just said written into the contract.	CK	1
267128	You'd better examine the contract carefully before signing.	CK	1
1938817	I thought Tom would just sign the contract without reading it carefully.	CK	1
1960900	I thought there was a possibility that Tom was going to break the contract.	CK	1
1636258	It's not in my contract.	Spamster
2047559	The contract was signed.	halfb1t
3086968	Tom tore up the contract.	CK
3334032	Did you sign the contract?	CK
2373965	I just signed the contract.	CK
2267359	It contracts with the cold.	_undertoad
2268068	The contract expires today.	_undertoad
464426	We need to have a contract.	lukaszpp
18498	Metal contracts when cooled.	Zifre
2643431	You said you had a contract.	CK
2013588	I want to sign the contracts.	CK
2442561	The contract will expire soon.	jgauthier
1725048	Have you ever signed a contract?	Amastan
2373962	I just sent the contract to Tom.	CK
307345	They made him sign the contract.	CK
2642083	Tom refused to sign the contract.	CK
303227	He contracted an incurable disease.	Nero
2270113	What are the terms of the contract?	_undertoad
2737383	Have you already signed the contract?	CK
46043	They are satisfied with the contract.	CK
3171541	Tom forced Mary to sign the contract.	CK
30208	He was compelled to sign the contract.	CM
237917	Please sign your name on the contract.	CK
1961698	I thought you should see this contract.	CK
267337	The actress tore up her contract angrily.	CK
265888	The business contract ran out last month.	CK
2266123	He contracted that illness many years ago.	_undertoad
251706	My father contracted pneumonia last month.	CK