English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Consumer" in Example Sentences
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27341	In general, consumers prefer quantity to quality.	CK	1
30449	Try to be a more rational consumer.	CM
1799723	Many consumer reviews on Amazon are fake.	Spamster
22614	We consumers must buy more domestic products.	Dejo
319917	Rising costs are fueling anxieties among consumers.	Nero
268150	The consumer price index has been fluctuating wildly.	CM
319929	One in four consumers thinks that prices will continue to rise in the future.	CM
240846	The purpose of advertising is to familiarize consumers with the name of a product.	CM
281168	It took a long time for Japanese imports to penetrate the American consumer markets.	CK
954380	There have been a lot of complaints from consumers that our products don't last as long as we claim.	CK