English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Consume" in Example Sentences
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1095225	Tom consumes a lot of wine.	CK	1
1779910	It's time-consuming.	Spamster
281545	Japan consumes a lot of paper.	Safari
317231	She was consumed with ambition.	CM
49228	The fire consumed the whole house.	CK
61304	This engine consumes the most oil.	CK
548779	This is a very time-consuming task.	darinmex
23834	The fire consumed the whole building.	CK
301361	He consumes an enormous amount of liquor.	CK
1250599	The Swiss consume a large amount of beer.	tsayng
273790	The whole village was consumed by the fire.	CM
282303	Agriculture consumes a great amount of water.	CM
1250604	In France, a great amount of wine is consumed.	tsayng
59812	This machine consumes 10% of all the power we use.	CM
61314	This air conditioner consumes a lot of electricity.	Eldad
1559496	Do you have any idea how many eggs are consumed per year?	sam_m
281552	Japan depends on the Middle East for 70% of oil it consumes.	CK
282138	Tropical rainforests produce oxygen and consume carbon dioxide.	papabear
1218675	A sumo wrestler thinks nothing of consuming 20,000 calories a day.	PeterR
2313834	Gas cookers consume half the amount of energy as electric cookers.	Gulliver
277546	The Middle East supplies a major portion of the oil that Japan consumes.	CM
3121609	Some soft drinks have very high sugar content and can cause obesity and tooth decay if consumed to excess.	patgfisher