English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Construct" in Example Sentences
Page 1

306382	They constructed a bridge.	CK
278759	A railroad was constructed in this town.	CM
66296	I wonder when this building was constructed.	CK
269215	New roads were constructed one after another.	CM
273182	They're constructing a bridge over the river.	CK
1501722	Esperanto is an 'informal', constructed language.	MrShoval
287554	After reading his books I feel I can construct a house.	CK
2268529	The slope of the ground made it difficult to construct the road.	_undertoad
55819	This is the largest tanker that has ever been constructed in our country.	CM
509723	Esperanto, Ido, Interlingua, Klingon, Lojban, Na'vi and Volap√ľk are constructed languages.	boracasli