English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Consent" in Example Sentences
Page 1

257414	I consented to go.	CM
299634	He withheld his consent.	CM
932027	Silence implies consent.	AKINCI81
300919	He consented on the spot.	CM
262187	I will consent to the divorce.	CK
278267	Silence often implies consent.	CM
291774	He finally consented to our plan.	CK
291386	He consented to help the old lady.	CK
297310	He interpreted my silence as consent.	CM
260723	I interpreted his silence as consent.	CM
70460	I interpreted your silence as consent.	CM
260861	I interpreted their silence as consent.	CM
319160	My father consented to my going abroad.	CK
305928	They consented to our marriage at last.	CK
288756	They will not consent to your proposal.	CK
46178	We will only consent on that condition.	CK
283868	I took it for granted that he would consent.	CK
319414	Her father reluctantly consented to her marriage.	CK
287427	His father consented to my plan against his will.	CK
16939	Without your consent, nothing can be done about it.	papabear
285298	His mother will not consent to his going there alone.	CK
311376	She has consented to take the leadership of the party.	CM
262226	I was able to get my parents to consent to my marriage.	CM