English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Connection" in Example Sentences
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2891450	Is there a connection?	CK	1
2234154	What's Tom's connection?	CK	1
3096131	Do you see the connection?	CK	1
2276008	I don't get the connection.	CK	1
2276194	I don't see the connection.	CK	1
2275400	Don't you see the connection?	CK	1
2542343	I'm sure there's a connection.	CK	1
2207143	I don't see any connection here.	fanty	1
2541039	I wonder if there's a connection.	CK	1
2891115	Do you think there's a connection?	CK	1
2540195	I wonder if there's any connection.	CK	1
326868	My internet connection was cut off.	CK	1
325630	There is no connection between them.	CK	1
1026796	Tom can't do his job without an internet connection.	CK	1
282471	There is a connection between smoking and lung cancer.	CM	1
238215	The police arrested a suspect in connection with the robbery.	CK	1
1023731	With your connections, you should be able to find a job for Tom.	CK	1
37596	What gate is my connection?	CK
2643079	You said you had connections.	CK
3109846	My internet connection is slow.	CK
254320	I have no connection the matter.	CM
2641654	Tom has a fast internet connection.	CK
2950153	How fast is your internet connection?	Hybrid
1449879	I have connections in the government.	negativeclock
289906	He has no connection with this affair.	CK
2950150	Why is my Internet connection so slow?	Hybrid
2268726	There's no connection between the two things.	_undertoad
2662773	There's a problem with my internet connection.	CK
2268598	The train connections at this station are excellent.	_undertoad
303343	He got the job by virtue of his father's connections.	CM
299409	He has powerful connections in the publishing industry.	CK
56035	Do any of you have anything to say in connection with this?	CK
1054780	Why does it take them so long to set up my internet connection?	CM
238339	The police are inquiring into his connections with the criminals.	CK
25541	My job search is really going rough. I don't have any connections.	NekoKanjya
329565	The man I thought was the criminal didn't have any connection to the incident.	fcbond
240277	The telephone operator asked the caller to hold on until a connection was made.	CM