English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Confident" in Example Sentences
Page 1

2111966	Be confident.	CK	1
2111745	I'm confident.	CK	1
2202672	We're confident.	CK	1
2202671	Tom is confident.	CK	1
3172403	Are you confident?	CK	1
2248293	I'm very confident.	CK	1
2237214	Tom looks confident.	CK	1
2237685	Tom seems confident.	CK	1
2645844	Tom isn't so confident.	CK	1
3325406	Tom was very confident.	CK	1
2326009	I feel more confident now.	CK	1
2274013	You don't sound confident.	CK	1
2275998	I don't feel very confident.	CK	1
2543032	I'm confident Tom can fix it.	CK	1
1676729	Tom is a confident young man.	Spamster	1
1095346	Tom certainly sounds confident.	CK	1
1094790	Tom didn't feel very confident.	CK	1
2283685	You don't sound very confident.	CK	1
3023880	Tom doesn't look very confident.	CK	1
1293313	I'm confident that you'll succeed.	CK	1
2540309	You're very confident, aren't you?	CK	1
1318888	I'm confident that I'll win the tennis match.	CK	1
1092875	Tom started to feel more confident than before.	CK	1
2891264	How can you be so confident?	CK
1019893	We are confident of victory.	Guybrush88
3171920	I think Tom is too confident.	CK
1476345	I'm feeling pretty confident.	Spamster
298817	He is confident of his ability.	CK
965546	She's not confident about the future.	FeuDRenais
1230845	I'm confident that I'll pass the exam.	CK
315593	She is confident of her son's success.	CK
260155	I am confident he will keep his promise.	CK
30333	I'm confident that there won't be a world war.	Nero
298252	He is confident that he will pass the examination.	CK
2537390	I'm confident that Tom will do what he says he'll do.	CK
71189	We're confident that you are up to the challenge of the new position.	CK
62821	Chris was confident that Beth would be delighted with his improvement.	CK
62321	I may seem confident, but I get extremely nervous speaking in front of people. My hands tremble, I get all tongue-tied, and sometimes I don't even know what I'm saying myself.	CM